Comprehension For Competitive Exams With Answers

Comprehension For Competitive Exams With Answers– Dear readers, in this post we have solved a comprehension for you. Because in nowadays almost every competitive exam carry questions based on comprehension. So read carefully the passage and try to find out the appropriate answers of every question. For you convenience we have provided the answers at the last of article.

Passage 1

The spectre of unemployment

The spectre of unemployment is looming large on almost every graduate with a general purpose degree. This education has very little relevance to life and therefore, the young generation is getting frustrated. If we look deeper into the problem of extremism and terrorism, perhaps unemployment and frustration of young people is one of the main reasons for this malaise. The most dangerous trend is the growing violence in the human heart. The first task of every university is to ensure that violence to each other does not become the new human culture. The sociologists have a lot to contribute by analyzing the thought process of the young person and evolving the remedial measure.


1.The young generation is getting frustrated because-

a) They have taken general purpose degrees

b) They remain unemployed

c) They are drawn to terrorism

d) There is violence around them

2. Enormous responsibility to comprehend the problems of young generation lies with-

a) The press and TV media

b) Our political leaders

c) The sociologists

d) Education administrators

3. The increase in violence in our society is-

a) A sign of revolutionary zeal

b) The result of modern system of education

c) The urge to surpass others in life

d) The result of frustration in life


  1. b
  2. c
  3. d

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