What is Ergonomics | Need |Types | Advantages

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What is Ergonomics | Need |Types | Advantages– It is derived from two Greek words-‘Nomoi’ meaning natural laws and ‘Ergon’ meaning work. Hence, ergonomists study human capabilities in relationship to work demand. In short Ergonomics is the science and the art of fitting the job and the workplace to workers’ needs.

Ergonomics Types

  • Physical ergonomics- It is the human body’s responses to physical and physiological work-loads. Repetitive strain injuries from repetition, vibration, force, and posture fall into this category.
  • Cognitive ergonomics- It deals with the mental processes and capacities of humans when at work. Mental strain from workload, decision making, human error, and training fall into this category.
  • Organizational ergonomics- It deals with the organizational structures, policies and processes in the work environment, such as shift work, scheduling, job satisfaction, motivation, supervision, teamwork, telecommuting, and ethics.

What is Ergonomics | Need |Types | Advantages

What is Ergonomics | Need |Types | Advantages

Ergonomics Advantages

  1. A successful ergonomics program utilizes the skills of many disciplines, including engineering, psychology, medical, safety, management and the employees or associates.
  2. Maximize productivity, efficiency and quality.
  3. Reduce MSD risk by eliminating or minimizing   ergonomic risk factors.
  4. Cost savings associated with injury-related   absenteeism, treatment, new hire training and   WCB claims.
  5. It can help you do work safely.
  6. It can make you more comfortable
  7. It can prevent injuries.

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