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General English For Competitive Exams | Comprehension Living Things In Soil- Dear readers, we are back with another passage of comprehension in which we focused on Living Things In Soil. Because in nowadays almost every competitive exam carry questions based on comprehension. So read carefully the passage and try to find out the appropriate answers of every question. For you convenience we have provided the answers at the last of article. But first try to find out yourself.

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Passage 3

 Living Things In Soil

Soil scientists have shown that the soil teems with millions of living things, many of them useful, others harmful. The living things which are useful include earthworms and various kinds of bacteria. Earthworms loosen the soil and so enable air and water to enter it. Bacteria, which are microscopic living things breakdown dead plants and animals and make humus, or to take nitrogen from the air and change it into substances that plants use.

The living things that do harm include other bacteria and fungi which cause diseases. Other harmful things are pests such as wire worms which feed on the roots of grass and other plants. While the farmers can usually keep weeds in check by careful cultivation, this alone may not protect his crops from insects, pests and diseases. Now-a-days, however, he is much better able to control these enemies. He may plant especially resistant types of seeds are he may keep the pests and diseases in check with chemicals. With better seeds farmers have been able to increase their crop yields. They can grow crops that ripen more quickly and have a stronger resistance to diseases, frost or drought.


1. Scientists who study soil believe that-

a) All insects and bacteria are harmful

b) Only microscopic living things are useful

c) Only earthworms are useful

d) Not all worms and bacteria are harmful

2. The living things that do harm-

a) Break down plants and animals

b) Use up the nitrogen from the air

c) Cause diseases in the plants

d) Loosen up the soil from air and water

3. Farmers are always careful-

a) To control insects and fungi that attack plants

b) To encourage pests in the soil

c) To eliminate all bacteria from the soil

d) To foster all kinds of worms in the earth

4. Now-a-days, it is impossible to reduce the loss caused by pests and harmful bacteria-

a) With the use of chemical fertilizers

b) Through the development of resistant seeds

c) By using weeds as killers

d) By controlling earthworms

5. The farmers today can also select seeds-

a) Of slow ripening variety

b) Resistant to frost and drought

c) For economy in cost

d) Of lower resistance to disease


  1. d
  2. c
  3. a
  4. b
  5. b

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